Children's jewellery Boxes are a Great Idea!

Most especially for her earrings - children's earrings do tend to become lost very easily - but also for all her baby bracelets and those she's since received as she's grown up. One with a "hanger" for her chains and necklaces is good, because it prevents tangling. She will love having somewhere special to place her jewellery and remember to use it. Kids love "collections" and having her own jewellery box will safely house her jewellery collection! Given as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, will be the start of lots of gift ideas for the future. A charm bracelet one year, with a new charm for each birthday thereafter is a great idea. A little children's necklace, a cross for her chain, and, there can never be too many pairs of earrings for little girls! For the child who has everything and the child who has very little, a jewellery box as a gift will be a huge thrill, just as its contents will be, as the years go by.
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