Children's jewellery gifts

I'm blown away by all the technology that's available today for the entertainment of children.  Some of which I am unsure even what it is/does.  Games of various kinds with various skills requirements, electronic toys, computers, video, you name it.  

So why is it that people still purchase children's bracelets, or children's earrings for example, as gifts for children?  I think the reason is, jewellery is a feel-good gift.  Little girls may be excited by the gift of a computer game, but they know that a new children's necklace, or an anklet or a pretty pair of children's earrings, is going to make them feel good every time they wear it, which can be for many years.

Mothers know this and grandmothers knows this because they feel the same when they acquire a new piece of jewellery.  

Give them a children's jewellery box and they will cherish all the little objects she stores within. 

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