Children's Necklaces that Grow

In the last 12 months, we've vastly increased our baby and children's necklaces category but not just with more necklaces. The idea is to offer beautiful children's pendants on a chain length of your choice. For example, you could buy a baby Christening gift of an angel wing necklace on a 12" chain for her special day. The correct length of 12" for a baby (for safety reasons as well as to ensure the right "look") will soon be outgrown as she starts to grow from babyhood into a little girl. At this time, a 13" chain can be purchased and the pendant can be worn for another 3 years. When it starts to look a little small, a 14" chain can be purchased, and so on, up to a 16" chain. The chains are not terribly expensive, much cheaper than buying a new necklace and it's special for her to wear the same little pendant that she wore as a baby. By the time she's 10 or 12, the pendant itself may be a little small but by then she's had a decade or more of use from the gift you gave her on the occasion of her Christening!
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