Christening Gifts, First Birthday and First Christmas Gifts

The first year of life for babies is one of gifts!  Because it's such an important event in any family, we all want to show a loving welcome to the new baby, even before she's born.  Baby showers produce the first round of gifts.  But the gift-giving begins in earnest when the baby is born.  We all want to give something significant, something that will be kept, perhaps for baby's younger siblings, or perhaps as a family keepsake, to be trotted out again for her own babies!  This is where baby jewellery for little girls comes into its own.  This continues through her first Christmas to her first birthday.

The most gifted item of baby jewellery is the baby bracelet.  There are several popular kinds:  The plain gold baby bracelet, the ID bracelet in either gold or silver, the baby charm bracelet and, especially in recent years, the baby bangle.  The baby bangle can be gold or silver, carry a charm or have a flattened area for some loving engraved words.

For generations gone by, the baby brooch was most popular, but they are not as popular these days, despite a recent surge of enquiries at Baby Jewels, for baby brooches. 

There is a current fad for baby anklets, made popular by actresses who've dressed their babies in them.  These are most likely to be the jingle bell anklets, but anything in gold or silver is popular.

Baby earrings are increasingly popular due to the popularity of having baby's ears pierced at an early stage.  Family then seek out the prettiest, tiniest, safest little studs for their baby girl. 

For Christenings, the baby necklace is very popular.  Their photos of the day will show a tiny chain necklace with a cross, a heart, or other pendant, or a necklace made of tiny seed pearls, perhaps also with a cross or heart pendant.  Baby necklaces are perfectly safe in supervised surrounds but must be removed before she's put down to sleep. 

Before long, baby needs a jewellery box, another excellent idea for a baby birthday gift!

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