Christmas Shopping is in Full Swing!

Time has been short lately, due to increased customers to the site and I haven't had as much time to keep up with my blog posts as normal. This morning, I took time out to visit a friend and have coffee and a chat, probably my last time out for the next few weeks. I was telling my friend how busy the site had become in the last few weeks and she asked me which items were selling best. It's currently a toss-up between children's earrings and children's bracelets and baby bangles. This could be because of the large range of each of these categories on the site. But only a couple of years ago, I wasn't selling baby bangles nearly as often as I am these days. I think they're a great idea because they are so safe and many of them are expandable which means a longer wearing time, far longer than clothing, which babies grow out of in just a few months. This makes baby bangles an excellent Christmas gift, and you'll see your gift in all her baby photos into the future. Children's bracelets have always been a great seller, but bracelets for babies were always our biggest seller. But this Christmas there are going to be a lot of little girls receiving some very special bracelets on Christmas Day. The surprise has been earrings. Mainly children's earrings. Especially to international customers. Every second purchase is kids' earrings. Any earrings in particular? There is one standout - of the 131 pairs of baby and children's earrings on the site, we've sold 5 pairs of the two tone pink owl earrings with crystal eyes, in the last few days. We have other owl earrings, but these ones are by far the most popular.
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