Corona Virus Update


Hello everyone,

As of today, it's business as usual with staff healthy and taking every precaution, including frequent and lengthy hand washing and cleaning of all work surfaces.  

We have always posted every business day and at this point intend continuing to do so.  However, if changes have to be made, in order to reduce unnecessary exposure, we may begin to post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  In this case, please bear with us if your items are not posted the same day you order them.  

Our intention is to remain open as long as the Post Office remains open.  Our advice is that the Post Office will remain open.  

We hope this finds all our valued customers safe and healthy!

Take care,


EDIT:  From 25/3/20, we have reduced our daily visits to the Post Office to 3 x per week in order to reduce our exposure to the virus.  Please read the latest blog post, above.



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