Correct Fit for Baby and Children's Jewellery

Parents often buy items for their kids to wear a little on the big side, in the expectation that they will grow into them, thereby getting a little more use from the item before it's outgrown. This may work for t-shirts and elastic waisted pants, but when it comes to jewellery, the goal is for them to be able to forget they're wearing it, only to be reminded by the positive attention it draws from others. It should not be purchased "too big" and worn before it fits correctly. Take the example of necklaces. Obviously, a too long children's necklace will not look quite right, but the danger is, it can get hooked on something when they lean forward (which, let's face it, they do quite a lot during their day) and therefore, become broken. For a baby it's even more important, in fact, we recommend that babies are not put down for a nap wearing a necklace, though the reasons apply more to a chain that's a little too long. She could get it hooked on something which tightens it around her neck, or she could get her arm or hand hooked in it. All our jewellery for babies and kids, is lightweight. This helps them forget about it so that they don't fiddle with it, which can result in it coming undone and disappearing. Baby bracelets should fit perfectly and not sag, children's earrings should be lightweight, tiny and comfortable with short rods, so they forget they're wearing them, and necklaces should sit fairly high on the chest, with a very lightweight pendant. A heavy pendant could hit the eye of another child, during rough and tumble and she will not want it clunking against her chest, all day long. For these reasons, we add measurements and appropriate age-groups for each item in the content of all our baby and kids' jewellery.
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