Dealing with Tarnish on Baby and Children's Jewellery

Children's sterling silver locket

This is the safe way Museums remove tarnish on sterling silver:-

What you need:
1) hot water (we highly recommend distilled or purified water)
2) salt
3) aluminum foil
4) Your tarnished children's jewellery
5) container

What to do:
1) Line the bottom of a small container with aluminum foil.
2) Add 1 - 2 table spoons of salt.

3) Add hot water. The hotter the better. Be careful (Don't use tap water; it may leave mineral deposits)
4) Stir until the salt is fully dissolved.

5) Dip your Sterling Silver Jewellery in the solution.
6) Dry your jewellery thoroughly.

Magically, the tarnish will immediately travel from the silver baby jewellery to the aluminum! The aluminum simply attracts the tarnish from the silver. Safe, easy and quick!

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