Engraved Jewellery Gifts

Although we don't currently offer engraving on items, we do encourage customers to personalise their jewellery before giving. A good engraver will do a great job of increasing the sentimental value of your gift.

Not all baby and children's jewellery can be engraved. Kids' bangles often can, particularly on the inside, if the interior of the bangle is flat. If they are curved, engraving is more difficult, and could mean the bangle is too thin to withstand engraving. If there is a flat (as opposed to curved) area on the bangle, for example where an ID plate is built into the bangle, this is the perfect place for your short message.

ID bracelets are the obvious choice if you wish to engrave your special gift. Engraving is more often chosen on baby jewellery, particularly baby bracelets, baby brooches, than on older kids' jewellery. This is because baby's first jewellery often becomes a family keepsake. A memory of how tiny Baby was, and how cute she looked in her first bracelet or necklace. Her mother will not discard such a precious item after it is outgrown. It will often be returned to her on the birth of her own children. Your engraved message on such an item therefore remains in the family for a lifetime.

What do people engrave on their jewellery gifts these days? her name is the obvious one on a newborn bracelet, bangle or brooch, with or without her date of birth. Often babies quickly acquire a nick-name for example, "Peanut" or "Bubby," giving another option. Or, if the area/ID plate is large enough, a message signed by you, is popular. For example, "Welcome Maddie, from your loving Grandma."

Personalising children's jewellery gifts is very popular now. There are other ways to personalise aside from engraving. You could add a little charm, one that has meaning for you, which she will always remember you by. Charms in sterling silver are mostly easily attached with a lobster claw clasp and we have dozens of them in our charms Category.

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