Exciting News!

I began getting inquiries about sterling silver children's screw back earrings about 18 months ago. I already had a large range of sterling silver children's earrings without screw backs and our customers were showing me that they wanted some screw backs added to the collection. That began more than a year of searching. Gold screw back earrings are relatively easy to come by, and there are some beautiful ones out there. But being gold, they are somewhat more expensive than sterling silver! I wanted to offer items for all budgets and my search led to increasing frustration. About 4 months ago, I found some Disney character sterling silver screw backs and with much fanfare, announced they were on the site. But every pair was returned, in a short period. They were faulty. I sent the lot back to the manufacturer (who is yet to refund me. But that's another story.) Well, I struck gold (except it was sterling silver) recently and found a company in the US with a beautiful range of sterling silver children's screw back earrings and yesterday the first batch arrived. They are all absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier with them. I have 13 different styles on the site and there are many more to try, which I will do, as time goes by. My search is over.
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