Family Jewellery Found in Bushfire Aftermath

The daughter of Dawn Kilponen was in tears as she held up two small unscathed diamonds, found in the wreckage of the family's burnt-out home. Phil Dunlop found gold in the ash and rubble of the burnt out bedroom of his home. Two of many who're sifting through the remains of their homes in the aftermath of the horrendous Blue Mountains bushfires, show that sometimes, the only items that remain are pieces of jewellery. Wedding jewellery, Christening jewellery, newborn baby jewellery. Baby Jewels joins with the people of Australia in donating to the victims of this and other recent bushfires. There are times we wish we could magically go back in time to before the fires began and prevent them happening. To save the heartache and loss. Sending our best wishes to all affected, and to those who're working to treat and save the lives of burnt animals, who're in dire need right now.
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