For the Love of Children's Earrings



One of the happiest and most exciting days of a little girl's life is the day she wears her new earrings for the first time.  She's waited patiently for her piercing to heal. Mum or Grandmother have bought her a pretty pair of children's earrings. Or perhaps she sat down in front of a computer with Mum and sifted through the many pages of children's earrings and other children's jewellery on our website, and chose just one pair from the hundreds available.   Finally, the much anticipated day arrives.  

Did she choose push backs or screw backs? Gold, sterling silver or vermeil (14k gold over sterling silver?)  Perhaps Mum veered her towards the most hypoallergenic metals of surgical steel and titanium, just to be on the safe side?  Did she choose the most popular styles of kid's earrings, which include hearts, butterflies or unicorns?  Perhaps she went for a solitaire cubic zirconia in pink or clear, aqua or purple?  Or animal earrings, or dragonflies or ladybugs?  Perhaps she chose her birthstone earrings.  

Finally, Mum puts her earrings on her ears and she stares into the mirror to see how they look.  She can't take the smile off her face!  

It's a day to remember!





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