For your Littlest Valentine

Baby Jewels is of course, chockablock with beautiful heart shaped baby jewellery and children's jewellery.  Kids love "love-hearts" and they make particularly lovely earrings, charms, necklaces etc.  One of our most favourite children's necklace styles is the heart shaped children's locket.  Some are plain, some have a single, central cz for sparkle, some are outlined with tiny cz.  

My personal favourite is the oval shaped children's locket.  It's a classic style which will never date.

All locket necklaces can be worn for many years, and can contain a lock of hair, or a photo.  Children love them and treasure them forever.

For Valentines Day, heart shaped is the "go!" And pink or red are the favoured colours.  For your special little Valentine, check out our heart shaped jewellery, in particular, our heart shaped locket necklaces.

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