Gems and Semi Gemstones in Children's Jewellery

Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Baby Bracelet


Traditionally, baby and children's jewellery is made of gold or, more recently, sterling silver. These days the addition of cubic zirconias, and bright, or pastel enameling or multiple crystals is very popular.

Gemstones were once used occasionally, in particular, garnets and rubies. But now, we can purchase many more varieties of natural stones such as rose quartz, lapis lazuli, topaz, sapphires, amethyst, turquoise and bright red coral. These colourful stones are set off especially well when teamed with sterling silver.

Currently we have a few children's earrings with tiny gemstones and about 10 baby and children's bracelets which feature some of these more popular stones.

Lapis lazuli is a personal favourite. It is the deep blue of a newborn's eyes. In particular a lapis lazuli/sterling silver baby bracelet. Divine!

Check them out and see if you like these more non-traditional gemstone pieces in both baby jewellery and children's jewellery.


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