Gemstone Jewellery for Children

Some people shy away from gemstones for babies and children but we've found our gemstone baby and children's bracelets to be very popular.  I also think their photos don't do them justice.  That inner glow that some gemstones have, seems to be lost in the photos.  I always picture the face of the buyer, when they arrive, being thrilled to bits with their new bracelet baby gift, thinking that it's even nicer than they expected!

It's not so much a sparkle as a gleam or a glow that our lapis, garnet, rose quartz and amethyst baby bracelets have.  Rose quartz has it in buckets and is very flattering on baby's skin.  Rose quartz is also said to have soothing and healing properties.

Our lapis baby bracelet is a deep blue.  The same colour of a new baby's eyes.  

We have very few gemstone children's earrings and children's necklaces, however, we do have some cz versions of various gemstones.  But I have been searching specifically for some beautiful gemstone baby earrings in amethyst, rose quartz, garnet and lapis to match the bracelets we already have.  I may have to design them and have them made up especially.  We've had a few of our stock items made especially and they've been a huge success.

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