Genuine Vintage Baby Jewellery

I'm sure I've said it before, but many items of baby jewellery (in recent history) came from a practical need. In ancient history, it was a form of decoration that denoted the baby's place in the tribe, his/her place in the family, but in recent history, jewellery evolved from a need to hold a matinee jacket closed, a bib in place, or prevent a dummy from being lost, etc. The little baby brooches that emerged over the years, stayed with us for 200 years before such items as baby bracelets and necklaces appeared. I came across a page from an ancient, yellowed newspaper which was rather unique, I thought, and, I bet, very rare. It was a full page advertisement for 22k yellow gold baby jewellery. If the "post image" facility on my blog was working, I'd post it here. I will, when we get it working! The items are stunning, quite ornate and have similarities to today's children's jewellery. Many of the baby necklaces in this advertisement, have heart pendants, similar to today's, but most of them look like medallions. Some were inscribed with the word "Baby", others have a gemstone in the centre, others have a picture, engraved on the pendant. The photographic quality isn't great but it looks to me like some of the pictures are of a baby's head. Others, some sort of design, possibly Celtic. Others have cross pendants. The chains are quite chunky. There are baby bangles, some with a simple design on a plain background, others completely covered in engraving. Brooches make up the major style of jewellery, with pins and safety chains, mostly bars in a rectangle or oval shape. Most of these are plain, I would imagine that this was to allow the plate to be engraved with Baby's birthdate, or name. It occurred to me that many of these items would still be in families, ancient keepsakes passed down from generation to generation, items too valuable to give away. Their monetary value would be great, being 22K gold AND vintage, but the sentimental value would be immeasurable. Imagine owning something that was worn by your great, great, great grandmother, when she was a baby!
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