Gifts for One Year Olds

Recently I was asked by a customer for ideas for the birthday gift for a one year old.  I had so many ideas, and reasons for those ideas.   But from 9.5 years of experience, chatting to Mums, Grandmothers, Aunties and friends, I know that they want a first birthday gift that stands out, something that won't be worn out in 6 months and forgotten about.  In other words, they are looking for a Baby Keepsake Gift!

We are overflowing with keepsake gifts at Baby Jewels.  But they also like the idea of a personalised keepsake gift.  So my thoughts always turn to one that can be engraved.  Usually, engraving means, the baby's name and perhaps her date of birth.  But sometimes they want a message to the baby from the giver.  So a baby bangle with a large ID plate is the perfect gift.  An adjustable bangle is important, so that she can wear her bangle for double the time of a solid bangle, through her rapid growth years.  

So my suggestion was the baby bangle pictured.  It is adjustable, and will fit to age 4, it has a beautiful cloud ID plate which is large enough for a short message, and it has a pink cubic zirconia for sparkle, on the highly polished surface.  

We also have some beautiful, 9k gold baby bracelets with extensions for growth, so that she can wear her bracelet for several years, some have ID plates and are utterly beautiful, classic and traditional.

I hope some of these points are helpful when choosing the perfect birthday gift for a one year old. 


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