Gold Baby Bracelets and Bangles

What's the most popular jewellery gift for newborns and Christening gifts? For Christening gifts, gold baby bracelets are at the top of the list, with silver just behind. In recent times, gold baby bangles are becoming more popular, probably because of the safety factor. A bangle is safe because it cannot be broken as easily. It has no charms to break off and cause a choking hazard. For newborns, newborn baby bracelets and bangles are available. A newborn bracelet is reasonably safe because a very young baby won't move enough or have the strength to break her bracelet. Both gold and silver are quite soft metals and a strong tug, even by a baby, can open a link or pull off a charm. Food for thought when you're buying a baby bracelet! For this reason, we always suggest baby bracelets are for wearing only under supervision, however a bangle doesn't have the same risk. When buying a gold newborn bangle, ensure it's one that expands with growth (to save manual adjustment) and that it's lightweight and flexible as opposed to the more heavy styles available for children. Comfort is a priority for babies!
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