Heirloom Quality Baby and Children's jewellery

Recently we received our first shipment of stunning gold earrings for babies and children. Now, we are used to being gobsmacked at how beautiful our new jewellery is, when it arrives. Much oohing and awwing goes on when the package is opened! Now, we love to provide a wide range of styles because we are all not the same. And our occasions, for which we purchase baby jewellery, are different and we all have different budgets. But these are our first heirloom quality items. Beautifully finished, and such adorable styles, we are in love all over again. So if you are looking first and foremost, for premium quality in an item of baby or children's jewellery, that will become the treasured heirloom for her family, then check out our latest additions to the Children's Earrings category, under Gold. Some are sleepers/hoops, some are secure friction backs, some are screw backs. All are beautiful!
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