Her First Christmas? She Deserves the Best!



New baby in the family this year?  Have you thought about a keesake gift?  A very special item she can wear now, and treasure forever?   A momento of her first year or two?  An item that will never go out of fashion, wear out, or deteriorate?  Something she can one day, pass on to her own baby?  

That's where our stunning baby bangles come in!  Solid 9k gold or solid sterling silver, adjustable baby bangles are the perfect gift.  The adjustment will ensure the bangle grows with her, and no manual adjustments need to be made.  

These bangles are lightweight and comfortable for a baby, with no sharp edges, and will fit perfectly as she grows in those first few years.  Maintenance?  All these bangles will ever need is a quick buff-up with a jewellery cloth.  Once outgrown, they are best stored in a ziplock plastic bag with the air squeezed out.  This will prevent the sterling silver from tarnishing.  

This Christmas, make it a keepsake gift!



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