Hypoallergenic Baby and Children's Earrings

Hypoallergenic baby and children's earringsHypoallergenic baby and children's earrings



Both gold and sterling silver are considered hypoallergenic when it comes to baby earrings but in a small percentage of cases, a baby or small child will have a sensitivity even to these precious metals.

Titanium is considered more hypoallergenic than both gold or silver, however it is nigh on impossible to find children's earrings in these materials.

Fortunately, in recent times, the perfect hypoallergenic earrings are being manufactured and they are now available in baby and children's sizes. These are made of surgical stainless steel. This metal is used in implants in spinal surgery, and other major surgeries where it is seriously important that the body doesn't throw an intolerance of any kind, to the metal.

The styles are very sweet and petite, in fact, perfect for tiny ears.

In stock now, are our first surgical steel baby and children's earrings. The perfect kids' earrings for those unlucky enough to have skin reactions to both sterling silver and gold.

Available in a range of styles and sold in packs of four, these surgical steel children's earrings are the perfect gift for the child with sensitivities.

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