Hypoallergenic, Surgical Steel, Screw Back Earrings for Babies and Children


Many children have skin sensitivities when it comes to various metals used in children's jewellery.  This causes irritation for the child and concern for Mum.  Gold rarely causes problems, and sterling silver, years ago, when it contained nickel, caused a lot of problems however these days both these metals contain nothing considered hyperallergenic.  Still, some children appear to have reactions to these metals and various other metals and alloys used in cheap children's earrings.  

Surgical steel is considered hypoallergenic, along with titanium.  Both are used in body implants.  We have long searched for the perfect earrings for metal-sensitive children, and, finally! we think we've found the perfect, safe earrings for these often, long suffering, children.  Surgical steel children's earrings with screw backs.  

Initially, we began stocking a few styles to see how they went.  These first few styles featured clear cubic zirconias in basic designs.  Then we tried a few with colourful enamel.  Some enamel contained glitter, which was a new idea, at Baby Jewels.  Our surgical steel glitter heart earrings with screw backs were popular and we soon stocked them in a bunch of pretty colours.  We then added colourful cz surgical steel earrings to our range.

At last we are happy with our range, which we think offers a style for most tastes, with butterflies, dragonflies, hearts and stars on offer.  Petite, strong, and beautiful, with the security of screw backs.  

Some of our designs have ball screw backs.  These earrings can be reversed, with the earring put in through the back of the ear, with the ball screwed onto the front, making these earrings, two earrings in one.  Some parents might find these easier to put on a wriggly "first timer" child.  

We like to provide screw back spares for all our earrings in case of loss.  We haven't been totally successful in finding matching backs for all our earrings, but we have been able to stock some ball screw backs which fit earrings which are sold with disk style screw backs.  So in the case of loss of a back, we have spares that will do the job for all our surgical steel earrings.  

Let us know if there's a particular style in baby earrings or children's earrings, that you're looking for and we will do our best to track them down for you.  

Also, check out our gold IP surgical steel earrings.  They are beautiful.

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