Initial Necklaces

The latest arrivals at Baby Jewels are a limited number of "initial necklaces." We have two styles, one, a tiny script letter in sterling silver, suitable for babies and kids up to say, 6 or 7. They are petite and lightweight and therefore perfect baby and children's necklaces. They are available on different chain lengths and the customer can choose the correct length to ensure that perfect look, and safety for a baby. The second style is a gorgeous round sterling silver disk with the initial stamped, script style, in the centre. This are a little more substantial, still petite and lightweight enough for a baby, but suitable for older girls, say, to teens. These are also available on a choice of chain lengths including a 16" box chain for older girls. The disk pendants are highly polished and if required, can be engraved on the back with your personal message, perhaps the recipient's name or date of birth. With personalised children's jewellery becoming more and more popular, this is another way to add that personal touch to the gift you choose for the littlest member of the family. Her own initial on the front, and your message on the back. Baby initial necklaces are the perfect gift for her Naming Day, Christening or any birthday. It's something she'll likely keep forever because it's "special" to her.
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