Jewellery for Newborn Babies

It is becoming increasingly common for mothers-to-be to have a baby shower at some stage late in their pregnancies.  If it is known that the baby is a girl, jewellery gifts are often given both to the mother and for the coming baby. 


Most popular newborn jewellery given as a baby shower gift or newborn baby gift, is a baby bracelet or baby bangle.  Very little harm can come to a newborn if a gold or silver bracelet is chosen.  This can be a solid bangle which is expandable as the baby grows.  This ensures the baby gets more “wear” out of the bangle.  A gold or silver bracelet, with charms, an ID plate, with crystals or gemstones and more popularly in recent years, enamelling, is very popular, again, especially so, if the bracelet has an extension for growth, as baby gets older.  Gold or silver jewellery rarely causes problems with babies’ skin so care should be taken to ensure the item is in fact gold or silver.  Alloys can often be disguised as gold or silver and can contain nickel, lead or, less commonly, cadmium.


It is not until they get older that they even notice they are wearing jewellery.  For newborns whose ears are pierced very early, there are many styles of baby earrings available.  With shorter posts, firmly fitting backs, and a tiny stud, these baby earrings can look stunning and are becoming increasingly popular for newborns.  As the baby grows, baby earrings are the least likely of all jewellery types to be bothersome for the baby, because to the baby, her earrings are out of sight and unfelt.


Anklets for newborns are very popular in recent years and are available in charm style, ID style, and in gold, silver and pearls.  Angelina Jolie made baby anklets very popular when she adorned her babies in them.  Baby anklets are very cute on a chubby ankle.


Baby necklaces are fine for newborns provided they are not too big and they are well supervised when wearing them.  Again, gold, silver or pearl is recommended, all of which look stunning on the newborn.  As she gets older, baby will require extra supervision when wearing necklaces and they should never be big enough to get hooked over anything.  Baby necklaces should always be removed at bedtime.


Baby brooches are very safe.  They are made so that a baby cannot undo them and prick themselves with the pin.  But again, supervision when wearing baby brooches is important for all babies.


Any of these types of baby jewellery make a great gift idea for a baby shower, newborn gift, Christening or Baptism gift, or first birthday gift.  It is very likely that a baby’s first piece of jewellery will be kept as a family heirloom, which makes baby jewellery a very special gift at a very special time and will never be forgotten because the jewellery will be captured for all time in baby’s photos and portraits in her first year.

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