Jewellery preferences

One thing I have learned running a baby and children's jewellery online store, is that people's preferences and tastes vary enormously.  I have found that I need to provide a wide variety of styles because not everyone likes the same thing!

It's more than a matter of stocking modern plus traditional baby bracelets, for example I have been surprised at how many enquiries I've received for baby brooches.  Before I began this journey in jewellery, I thought baby brooches were a relic of the past.  Not so.  And baby and children's ID bracelets, worn by the very lucky girls in the 60s and 70s, are still popular today, especially with grandparents, who remember them fondly from when they were first parents.  They love to personalise their gift to a little granddaughter by having the ID plate engraved with the baby's name or date of birth, and sometimes with "love from Grandma."

Today, baby and children's charm bracelets are very popular and this includes the Pandora styles of bracelets, which again, can be personalised with beads and charms relating to something in the recipient's life.

Children's necklaces in modern styles sell very well, however the older versions such as lockets in gold and silver, are surprisingly still much loved, by giver and recipient.  

Modern Mums like to adorn their babies with anklets and I must say, they do look very cute.  Teenagers are another source of anklet-lovers, especially with beachy themes of shells, starfish etc.

Silver has emerged as the jewellery metal of choice, whereas I thought gold children's jewellery, particularly little baby bracelets, would be the biggest seller.  

So, while we like to provide a range of budget priced jewellery, we find the higher end items are still selling well, so too, are the likes and dislikes of jewellery lovers.  We try to provide something for every taste and budget.

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