Kids' Charm Bracelets

There are quite a lot of styles of charm bracelets, including European style, or Pandora style charm bracelets which feature chunky beads with wide holes through the middle, on a "starter" bracelet. Baby Jewels has these bracelets and charms or beads to suit, but today we're talking about charm bracelets for children which feature lobster claw charms, usually in sterling silver, but not always, and can tell the story of a child's life. This makes them great keepsake jewellery and the personalisation aspect to them, makes them immensely popular. Over the years we've accumulated a large selection of these type of charms, initially made popular by Thomas Sabo. Now, there are many different styles available. In fact, there's almost a charm to depict any situation in life, any hobby, sport, age or stage. With babies and small children, first comes the gift of the starter bracelet in sterling silver, then, as the years go by, charms that suit the little girl, her likes and loves, her hobbies and her sports, can be added, one by one. Eventually, the bracelet tells the story of her life. People buy charms when a new baby is born, or to commemorate an achievement, to display our "style" or to celebrate an occasion. Children's charms can be selected by the child herself (a real thrill,) or can be carefully chosen for a baby charm bracelet. The bracelet eventually becomes a much loved piece of children's jewellery, to be treasured always.
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