Kids Choosing Their Own Jewellery?



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Kids choosing their wwn jewellery?

Read in a Jewellery Group Magazine:

"Children are now dictating their own style choices, including the type of jewellery they wish to wear.

Introducing the maturing child consumer: they’re young, have a keenly-honed sense of brand awareness, are less inclined to take styling advice from an adult, and want to be ahead of the game when it comes to trends.

While it’s fair to say grown-ups will probably maintain authority and make final purchasing decisions, the shopping profile of these fashion-savvy kids provides an indication of how and why the children’s jewellery segment has evolved in recent years.

“Children are absolutely becoming more discerning,” "

Wow! In the past, we've found baby jewellery is our biggest seller, but that's changing. Children and sub-teens want their own quality jewellery. We've increased our children's jewellery range, particularly children's necklaces and found them to be very popular. Seems kids are choosing for themselves, guided, in most instances by a parent. We've also introduced children's rings. Children's bracelets have always been popular, but now, so are kids' bangles, particularly in sterling silver.

Trends are now important. Brand names not as much, we've found. Times are changing and kids have always loved jewellery, but now they're more aware of trends, just as they are with their clothing.

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