Kids' Lost Jewellery

This is a subject that would make a Mum cringe. I know it happens because customers sometimes return to buy another of an item they've already purchased because the first one, much loved, became lost. Children's earrings in particular, seem to get lost. This can be caused by the child fiddling with the backs, which eventually come off and the earring falls out and becomes lost. Investing in children's safety screw back earrings is a good way to prevent this. Kids' earrings are so tiny, they are the least likely of all children's jewellery to be found again. Our advice is for the item, whether it be a baby bracelet or children's necklace or bangle, to keep it in the little gift pouch it arrived in. Then, buy your little girl a small jewellery box. Even a small box can keep safe a large number of items. If your little girl gets used to always keeping her jewellery in it's original pouch, then placed inside the jewellery box, it's less likely to become lost. It's like all things with children, a little training initially, to save a lot of heartache! When the item is kept in it's original pouch, it will be less likely to become lightly scratched, which causes dullness to the shine on jewellery. If they are loose in the jewellery box, they can rub up against each other whenever the box is moved, which causes the scratches. We have thought a lot about stocking jewellery boxes which, in themselves, make a lovely children's birthday gift, but to date, we haven't found just the right ones!
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