Leather Baby and Children's jewellery

In the last 12 months there has been a growing demand for leather jewellery for kids, even babies!  For some time now, we've had some tiny pink woven leather baby bracelets with a lengthy extension for growth and these have become increasingly popular.  

Yesterday, I re-ordered them and found them in a wide range of colours.  I also found children's bracelets in a wide range of woven leather, also with an extension for growth.  I then came across some children's woven leather bracelets with charms and was quite taken with them.  So, when they arrive, we are adding a new category at Baby Jewels:  Baby and Children's Leather Bracelets.

They are an inexpensive line, not meant to be fine jewellery but I believe they will wear well, especially for children and their rough and tumble lives.  

Look out for them in approx 3-4 weeks!

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