Little Girls' Birthday Gifts

Years ago when my girls were at school, I used to spend a lot of time looking for gifts for little girls from my daughters' classes who were having birthday parties and had invited my girls. I used to long for something that I could find a whole bunch of, perhaps in different colours, reasonably priced, that I knew all the little girls would like!

Well, I have found that "thing" only it's 20 years too late.  Baby Jewels has 79 pairs of baby and children's earrings - amongst hundreds of other baby and children's jewellery items - many of which are under $20 and can be gift-wrapped free of charge, with a card with a personal message and posted free!  

This is just the sort of thing I looked for all those years ago.  A few clever mothers have caught onto this, some purchasing over a dozen pairs of children's earrings and kept me busy gift-wrapping.  This saves a lot of effort and time when it can all be done online, in spare time at home.

Aside from children's earrings, there are a collection of children's bracelets around the $20 mark, which have also proven popular for these occasions.  And charms!  Children's charms are very popular because children's charm bracelets are the biggest selling style of bracelet currently.  And Baby Jewels has dozens of charms under $20.

So for all those mothers who are constantly called upon throughout the school year, to search out gifts for their daughter's classmates, we have the easy solution!  Free post, free gift-wrapping, free card with message, and affordable.  That's what mothers want!

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