Miao Silver children's Bangles

"What is Miao Silver? Miao silver is a cultural tradition of Guizhou Provence, in Northern China. The Miao people are well known for their highly skilled artisans who create exquisite artifacts and jewelry in traditional and unique designs. It is not sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. Miao silver varies from 30% to 60% pure silver. In traditional Miao silver, the silver is blended with white brass. These pieces are hand made using traditional methods." That one small paragraph does no justice to the tradition of this remote area of China. Visitors to the area are stunned at the beauty of this style of jewellery and artifact. Recently, we've acquired some Miao silver children's bangles. These are cuff bangles, which are able to be opened slightly to allow ease of putting on and removing. This gives us a whole new style of childrens jewellery of which we're very proud. If your older girl already likes an ethnic style of fashion, she will love these. If you love them, and want to cultivate a passion for genuine ethnicity in her style, these kids bracelets would be a great gift. All under $20, they won't break the bank and you'll be contributing to a poor population who's goods deserve to be shown around the world.
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