Millefiori Glass Jewellery

Millefiori Glass beads are known throughout the world as exquisite and colourful.  Never more than now has the popularity of Millefiori been as great.  The hand-crafted glass-making technique began on the island of Murano, Italy in the 13th Century.

In Italian, Millefiori means ‘a thousand flowers’ which aptly describes the look of Millefiori beads.  The technique used creates a look of one or more flowers in a tiny bead.  The colours of Millefiori beads are stunning, and the tiny flowers within contrast with the colour of the bead itself. 

Millefiori glass bead baby bracelets are now readily available. Recently babies are popularly being photographed in black and white with just their bead bracelets in colour, creating a beautiful portrait and memory of Baby and her first baby jewellery.

Adult jewellery is also available, in bracelets and necklaces, pendants and earrings. Most often it is set in stainless steel or sterling silver, which sets off the colours of the millefiori beautifully. 

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