Modern versus Traditional Childrens Jewellery

In times gone by, baby and children's jewellery was quite ornate.  Usually gold was used and often decorated with a tiny ruby, garnet, emerald or sapphire.  Beautifully engraved, these items were very special and only a lucky few were gifted these items which were most often a baby brooch or baby bracelet.

These items are still available to day but are more likely to be made of sterling silver though gold jewellery for babies and children is of course, still available and popular.

Today, the minimalist look that has become popular, is being seen in new styles of baby jewellery, in particular.  Engraving is less common.  Enamelling is very popular.  We see highly polished baby bangles, with a single charm as embellishment.  The charm may be a heart or a simple hand-enamelled flower.  A tiny chain with a single charm, a tiny necklace with a simple pendant.  

This modern look is very popular but the traditional styles still have a market.  Is the traditional style more likely to become a family keepsake?  Somehow I think yes, but I speak to lots of Mums who say their children's modern jewellery is going to be kept for the next generation.  

It will be interesting to see how trends change over the next 20 years!

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