Most popular baby jewellery

Baby Jewels has been in business for 18 months now and we're noticing that some articles of baby jewellery sell better than others. It seems to have nothing to do with price.

Baby bracelets are our top seller.  Baby bangles a close second.  What types of bracelets are the most popular?  We have a range of Italian sterling silver, enamelled bracelets and the very cute ladybug bracelet is the best seller, though they are all very popular.  There are ladybug baby earrings to match also available and we often sell them as a set with the bracelet.  

The bangles that are most popular are the ones with extension mechanisms for growth, also, having a charm attached is extremely popular.

Baby earrings are the next most popular item, which is somewhat surprising.  However, there's a strong trend towards having baby's ears pierced at a younger age than ever before.  The most popular are the tiniest stud earrings, small, lightweight, sparkly and colourful seems to be what people are looking for.

Baby charms are popular.  But often, they are sold as gifts for new mothers or mums-to-be.  A teddy bear charm, for example, makes a great gift to the new Mum who owns a charm bracelet.

Baby Necklaces are a little slow, the reason being, that they can only safely be worn when baby is fully supervised.  They are often purchased as a Christening gift and worn for the day, for the photographs and again for baby's portraits and other special occasions.  Necklaces need to be removed before baby is put down to sleep.

We have very few baby anklets but they do seem to be getting more popular.  They do look very sweet on a chubby ankle in Summer time.

Baby brooches were once the main baby jewellery item available a few generations ago but popularity has waned.  However, we notice a lot more enquiry coming in for baby brooches lately.

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