Most Popular Children's Jewellery Gifts




Children's gold heart necklaceSterling silver children's braceletSterling silver Dolphin Children's Earrings


Traditionally, children's bracelets have been the most popular children's jewellery gifts. This includes bangles, and particularly, in the early years, bangles that adjust for growth, as they ensure a longer fit during the rapid growth years. As kids get older, more "adult" styles appeal, particularly once they reach their teens.

Many kids have pierced ears these days, even babies. And don't they love their earrings!  Not quite as traditional a gift, but children's earrings are certainly a popular choice these days, with more and more choosing screw back earrings especially for very young children who haven't had their ears pierced for very long and may be prone to "fiddling." Fiddling often causes push on backs to come off, resulting in a lost earring.

Children's screw back earrings are more expensive initially, but could save money in the long run as they hold the earring on more securely and are difficult for little fingers to remove.

Children's necklaces are a particular favourite in our family. Currently we have a collection of around 140 styles, many of which are available on your choice of chain length, to ensure that perfect look and fit. Chains of all lengths are available separately, for when the child outgrows her current chain. This way, she can wear her little baby necklace right through her childhood. A great value gift, are children's necklaces.

In Summer, for Summer birthday girls, anklets are very popular. We have a huge range of plated children's anklets which are strong and durable, and though bargain priced, have the look of expensive anklets. All the girls in our family wear them!

Recently, we introduced a new category: Children's Rings. These are proving popular and are available in styles that suit small children as well as older girls. They adjust with growth, to ensure years of wear.

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