Mother Daughter Jewellery

A new trend is forming in Australia - mother/daughter jewellery gifts.  Matching jewellery for baby and Mum, Mum and young daughter and Mum and teenage daughter.  Given at Christmas especially, this trend is rapidly growing, and we are in the process of stocking items to fit this new fashion.

At present we have several children's bracelets with matching mother's bracelets, even a European style baby bracelet with a matching bracelet for Mum given at the birth of baby.  

We also have teenager's necklaces that will also fit mothers, and offer our Sisters Special which gives 10% off when two are bought at the same time.  A great way to acknowledge the close bond between Mum and daughter.

More matching jewellery is coming soon, in baby sizes, children's sizes and adult sizes, especially bracelets.   

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