Mother's Day Jewelry

Mothers’ Day was created for families to show appreciation for the hard work mothers do 365 days a year, caring for and nurturing their families.  A woman’s first real Mothers’ Day is the day her first baby is born and in order to show the love and joy felt by family and friends, a piece of jewelry is often given.  Some examples of types of jewelry given at this special time are:  a brooch featuring a stork with baby, a pram or rocking horse pendant, a charm bracelet with a first charm of perhaps a baby bootee or baby rattle, with room for more to come. Or it can simply be an exquisite pair of earrings.

Each year following the birth of her first child, the family again celebrates Mothers’ Day, to remind her of her special place in the family and the appreciation felt by her children and partner.  These annual Mothers’ Days present further opportunities to show Mother just how much she’s loved, in the form of a special gift:  often a new piece of jewelry.  Again, this could be a new charm for her charm bracelet, a new pair of earrings in her favourite style, a pendant depicting a mother embracing a child, or a brooch featuring hearts intertwined. 

Some jewelry manufacturers design special jewelry for Mothers’ Day gifts.  Usually made in gold or sterling silver, they have a “maternal” feature, emphasising her love for her children.  Examples seen are bracelets with charms which spell out the word “Mother” or simply “Mom” or “Mum” including charms of baby dummies, baby shoes, prams, rocking horses, children’s bikes, babies, love-hearts, and tiny silver frames for photos.  These suppliers come up with new ideas every year.  Charm bracelets are great ideas because a new charm can be added each year, depicting a new baby or new event in the family, every year.  Special events may, for example, be the entrance into school of a child.  I have seen charms with the words, “apple for teacher” written over a red enamel, silver apple, a blackboard with chalk charm and many others.  Another special event would be a sporting achievement of a child, which has involved Mother’s time and efforts during the year:  I have seen baseball charms, ballerina charms, pony charms and many more.  And of course, the most important event of all:  the birth of a new baby. 

These charm bracelets have been made popular by such well-known names as Thomas Sabo, Pandora, Links of London, Tiffany, and others.  They all manufacture charms of their own certain style.  There is a charm to be found to suit every occasion in a mother’s life. 

Whilst mothers treasure even a scrap of paper with her child’s first drawing, these special Mothers’ Day jewelry gifts, given with love from her family, are the ultimate expressions of love and are therefore the most treasured of all.  Worn with pride, they are an item to be admired by family and friends for many a year, treasured as a family keepsake, and to be passed down through the family for generations.

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