New category

Those of you who regularly peruse our pages of baby and children's jewellery, will have noticed a new category:  Leather.

We've introduced a range of woven leather bracelets for babies and children!  These bracelets are surprisingly affordable and very comfortable to wear.  They are durable as well.  

Leather has become a popular choice in jewellery for both adults and children in recent years, though it has been available since the 1970s.  (I remember it well back then!)

Some of the leather bracelets have charms or pearls, some do not, but all have an extension for growth, making them great value for long term wear.

We even have some boys' bracelets!  Black and khaki, with or without charms.  We have baby bracelets and two sizes in children's leather bracelets.  

Just as an aside, we've also introduced one black velvet bracelet with pearls, for older girls for special occasions.  It's simply beautiful.  Will fit ages up to teens.

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