New Line in Children's Earrings Category


One of our long-term suppliers in the US offered us a new line of beautiful 14k gold plated huggy/hoop earrings with attached charms and, although we don't normally stock plated items we fell in love with these and we think you will too! 

At this stage, we've got three designs to see how they go.  If they are as popular as we think they will be, we'll certainly extend the line.  They are exactly like 14k solid gold earrings to look at, but for 1/3rd of the price.  We're glad we were able to negotiate the US postal mess and get them here in time for early Christmas shopping!

Currently, the price of 14k gold is at an all time high, and that, coupled with some shipping costs doubling, due to very few planes flying, it's a struggle to maintain our usual low prices.   So we're hoping this new plated line, which is gorgeous, will be a great opportunity for our gold-lovers to acquire some really special styles made by a quality manufacturer.  As always, let us know what you think?!


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