New range of 9k gold screw back earrings in time for Christmas!


For many years we've had a beautiful range of 14k gold screw back earrings for babies and children. They have been very popular but in recent years, in particular since the pandemic began, the price of gold has risen faster than we've ever seen.  This has meant that the end prices on our site have increased accordingly.  

We began a world-wide search for 9 or 10k gold screw back earrings and found two new suppliers, both with an incredibly gorgeous range of baby and children's earrings in 9k gold.  

It was an exiting day when the first shipment arrived.  Unpacking them with great anticipation, we weren't disappointed.  Each design is far nicer than the photos supplied.  More stunning and more sparkly.  We were blown away!

These earrings look amazing and are on offer for a saving on 14k gold prices.  9k gold is a little stronger than 14k, which is a good thing for little ones, who might play with their earrings.  

While shipping costs are still exhorbitant, we are hopeful, as the world reopens after the worst of COVID-19, that shipping costs will ease slightly.  In the meantime, we now have a range of baby and children's gold screw back earrings which offer savings on 14k prices in styles that will wow the lucky recipient!  

Have a look - they're beautiful!

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