New Sterling Silver Baby and Children's Rings



Baby rings and children's rings have been popular since Victorian times.  Mostly they were in gold and might have featured the family crest, the baby's initials or simply the word, 'BABY." 

Recently, there seems to be a surge in interest in rings for babies and children and we've found a wonderful manufacturer, who uses pink, clear and amethyst cz, set into hearts, set into sterling silver.  

It's not easy deciding on a ring size because children's fingers vary a lot at the same age.  But the good thing is, if they don't fit on one finger, they are likely to fit on another.  Baby rings do not have to fit the ring finger.  Starting with the largest finger and moving to the smallest finger is the way to go!  This also enables longer wear of the ring before it is outgrown and put aside as a keepsake.  

Sterling silver can tarnish.  It's not the silver content, it's the copper that's used to harden the silver to make it suitable for children's jewellery.  This is easily fixed with a jewellers' cloth or a little Solvo.  Some manufacturers coat the silver in a product that protects the silver from tarnishing but eventually it does wear off.  All sterling silver will tarnish eventually.  Contrary to popular belief, tarnish is not dangerous but it is ugly and can cause skin to blacken, so the sooner it is polished off the better.

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