New stock arriving

Every day this week, new baby and children's jewellery orders have been arriving.  We're so excited because many of these orders come from new suppliers and to date, we are thrilled to bits with it all.  One of our newest suppliers is a 100+ year old British company of goldsmiths and silversmiths.  Many of their items are hand-made.  Very traditional styling, with modern touches, our order of baby bracelets, children's bracelets, children's necklaces and baby bangles, are sure to be a hit.  We can't wait to load them onto the site. 

However, currently we have a small glitch in the admin side of the site so we've only been able to load a few children's necklaces on.  Hopefully early next week we'll have it fixed and all our new stock will be on display. 

More orders will be arriving next week, from "old faithful" suppliers, known for their quality, efficiency and reliability, as well as one new one who specialises in silver baby jewellery with hand-enamelling.  Enamelling has proven very popular and we get very excited about these new items arriving, adorable styles with their soft colours, skillfully painted charms etc. 

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