Once Retro, Now New Again

Children's ID bracelets, engraved with their name or date of birth, in traditional vintage styling, graced many a girl's wrist, decades ago. This was before other bracelet styles became popular, like charm bracelets and even European style chunky bracelets.  

Now, ID bracelets, or Identification bracelets, are back, sometimes with a modern twist, for example a little enameled heart on the ID plate, or with a charm like a bird, or a flower, butterfly or a heart.  

Children's ID bracelets were traditionally a keepsake gift, something to store away safely once outgrown, in a pretty box, to be shown occasionally to friends, until the day comes when she can give it to her own daughter.  

Sterling silver bracelets need to be stored in a plastic ziplock bag with all the air squeezed out of it, to lessen the effects of tarnish, because all sterling silver tarnishes.  This can be largely avoided if the bracelet is given a light buff up with a jewellery cloth a couple of times a year, so tarnish doesn't take hold.  Tarnish is completely harmless but unsightly, and is a reaction between sulphur in the air and the copper component (7.25%) and seems to be worse in high humidity areas.

Thinking of a gift she can keep forever?  Don't go past a beautiful sterling silver or 9k gold baby or children's ID bracelet! 

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