Personalising by adding baby or children's charms

Personalising your gift of a baby bracelet, baby necklace or children's bracelet, is easy.  The obvious answer is to purchase an item which can be engraved.  The inside of a bangle, the ID plate of a baby ID bracelet, and some pendants, offer that option.  

If you simply want to make baby bracelet different, or embellished, think about adding a lobster claw charm.  These days children's charms come in all just about any theme you can dream up.  For a newborn, whose personality is probably still an unknown, you can add a charm that relates to her mother.  For example, did she go mad on eating a certain food group when she was pregnant?  Cherry charms, apple charms, banana charms, icecream charms and many others are available.  Add one of these charms to the baby bracelet and it will always have special significance to the family, especially her mother.  A little girl's bracelet is easier.  By now, she has developed a personality, acquired likes and dislikes, habits, hobbies and talents. Add a children's charm that represents something specific to her, and you are adding charm, character, memories to your gift and your gift is more likely to eventually become a family keepsake.

Personalising jewellery is very popular at the moment.  But if you want to buy a baby or children's jewellery gift that will be passed on down to future siblings and even the next generation, choose something less personalised, so that it will suit these future babies.  Some jewellery gifts can even be passed on to boys, so think carefully about your decision, especially if you're planning on buying a gold item that will stay in the family for a long time.

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