Photos on Homepage

In case you've ever wondered, the photos of the little kids on the home page are my grandchildren. Thalia, the youngest, is now 4 years old and she's pictured wearing her favourite children's bracelets. Chloe is now 6 and she's pictured doing a very good impression of a model, wearing her favourite children's bangles. Jasmine, who's nearly 8 (and now has her front adult teeth!) is shown wearing her favourite sterling silver heart children's necklace. They were photographed by a local photographer on a local Sunshine Coast beach. It was a coolish, windy day in late Winter and the girls had had a very long day so we were pleasantly surprised at how well the photos turned out. The baby photograph is a photo we purchased from an image library. She's beautiful, isn't she? Wearing a plain silver baby bangle that we also have on the website, but currently only in children's size. As the kids grow, we are going to have to search out some babies and toddlers for future site designs, but we love having our granddaughters featuring on our current design, wearing their favourite children's jewellery.
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