Resurgence of Popularity for Children's ID Bracelets and Personalised Jewellery

Traditional styles of baby and children's ID bracelets have had a resurgence of popularity in recent times.  History may tell us that it had to do with the epidemic of COVID, that "family" was becoming closer and more important perhaps due to lockdowns.  Of course, traditional and classic designs of baby and children's jewellery have always been popular. Twelve years ago when Baby Jewels began, these bracelets were a big seller, but in later years, more contemporary styles began emerging as more popular.  In the past 12 months though, personalised jewellery of all kinds, including the classic ID bracelet, began to take off again!

ID jewellery is keepsake jewellery.  What better than a personalised, ID bracelet as a keepsake gift, a memory of a closer family time, supporting each other?

Whilst Baby Jewels cannot offer engraving at the present time, there are many outlets in shopping centres or jewellery shops who do.  Mostly it's done by a laser machine, which is computerised, so that the engraving is perfect and can be available in many different styles of script from the very plain, to the very elaborate.  


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