Screw Backs Even More Popular

It is only a year since we first uploaded our first order of 14K safety screw back, baby and children's earrings. Since then, we've been amazed at how popular they are. 14K is strong enough to withstand some rough handling, but it's obvious that people really want gold children's earrings. Screw backs are definitely the way to go because the chances of losing an earring are far diminished if they're screwed on tightly, as opposed to push backs, for first time earrings wearers, who tend to "fiddle." So, the good news is, we have a big new order of new 14K baby and children's screw back earrings arriving today or tomorrow, according to Fedex tracking. I can't wait to upload them. You can find them under Children's Earrings, then click Screw Back Earrings.
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