Sizing - Baby and Children's Necklaces

Traditionally, children's necklaces have been worn by older girls and teenagers but more and more, we're seeing babies and small children wearing them. I think this is a trend we'll see more of as younger children and babies are catered for in this market. Now, it's possible to purchase beautiful Italian sterling silver chains in baby size of 12" (30cm.) This is the perfect length for baby necklaces. Why is length important? Because a gaping necklace can get caught on things, and a baby could get her arm through it and break it. So length is very important on necklaces for babies. We still promote the ideal, that babies should only wear necklaces when they are up and supervised. They look adorable on her special days for example, her Christening Day. And the photos record her pretty baby necklace for always. Toddlers are now wearing necklaces! Chains for toddlers are ideally 13". Again, there's a safety angle but it's also important that the necklace doesn't gape when she leans forward, because if it does, it'll possibly catch on something and break, resulting in disappointment for mother and child. For young children and pre-schoolers up to about age 5 or 6, we recommend a 14" necklace or chain. This gives that perfect look, with the pendant sitting exactly in the right spot. For children older than 6, we recommend 16" chains. This length chain will see her through until her teens. With baby and children's jewellery, size is important!
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