Skin reactions to metals in children's jewellery

Hardly a day goes by without a message from a mother asking about whether the metal of her daughter's earrings is causing a rash or soreness at the site of her piercing and what they can do about it.  Sometimes this happens months or years after wearing her earrings without any problems.  I thought I'd share with you a reply that might answer some questions for others:


"Reactions to metals, even gold and sterling silver, are not unusual, especially, but not solely in children.  The first pair of earrings is a bit of a test really.  Still, considering she wore those earrings for many months before reacting, it's possible it was something else, or perhaps just a very mild reaction.  Still, best to discontinue use for a few months/a year just in case.

We have found our hypoallergenic range to be very popular.  Surgical steel and titanium are the most hypoallergenic metals used in jewellery making.  Both metals are used in body implants so need to be very safe.  
To try surgical steel, we have 10mm surgical steel hoops for about $22 which are lightweight and comfortable.  The little surgical steel huggies (avoid the gold ones for now) are good also.  Plus we have dozens of little surgical steel and titanium stud earrings.
Keep the original earrings in a safe place because it's highly likely she'll be able to wear them again, in the future."
Often it's just a matter of discontinuing wear for months or a year then trying them again.  They are likely to have no further problems, or after further months wearing them, the problem may return.  Most children, unless the reaction is severe, grow out of this problem and can wear earrings of any metal, in adulthood.  But for now, the best bet is using surgical steel or titanium to prevent the problem worsening.  
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