Soon it will be Christmas

Christmas bells

Boy BraceletSurgical Steel Dolphin EarringsPink and white crystal childrens necklace in sterling silver

We all have our trials and tribulations to work through every year. I'm sure none of us is immune. But the coming of Christmas inevitably brings a different, happier and more positive feel "in the air."

The coming of Christmas turns our minds to happy occasions, especially happy family occasions, and the joy of giving.

Babies and children are at the forefront of our giving and Baby Jewels has been stocking up, increasing our ranges of baby bracelets, children's bracelets, baby earrings and children's earrings in particular, so that we know there's something for every requirement, every taste and every budget.

New this Christmas are our boy bracelets! We've always had bracelets that were suitable for both boys and girls but this year we have bracelets specifically for boys, and already, these are proving popular.

Also new this Christmas is our range of super-hypoallergenic earrings - made from surgical stainless steel. This is the material used in many human implants, i.e. plates and rods. Safety is assured with these beautiful new childrens earrings.

Our range of children's necklaces has also increased due to demand. Most have the option of the chain length for that perfect look and fit.

With over 700 items from which to choose, sit down with your computer and enjoy having a browse through our categories. Happy shopping!

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